Main characters of Archie cast

The Archie Universe: Media Comparison Narrative

Since 1941, the Archie Universe has been a timeless classic for all ages. The unforgettable characters and humorous story lines capture a part of childhood that we will never forget. Do you recognize any of these characters? The town of Riverdale has so many different talents, personalities and backgrounds. People like Sabrina, Josie and her Pussycat crew, as well as Katy Keene are also important figures. However, for the purpose

Altered Images

With the exponential amount of fake news and user-generated content online and in the media, it can be difficult to tell the true story from what is portrayed. This issue happens a lot in the field of photojournalism. The picture or video that grabs someone’s attention to a story is the biggest challenge for media literacy. The Bronx Documentary Center for Altered Images has tons of pictures that were professionally

Alcatraz main hallway

Webby Review: The Prison Diaries

The United States has the highest prison population in the world. There are more jails than colleges in the country, with the population quadrupling since the ‘War on Drugs’ in the 1980’s, according to Newsweek journal. As scary as these statistics sound, prison has become a lifestyle for many. The daily challenges of being an incarcerated person come with constant degradation, isolation from the outside world, and trust. Numerous amounts

Movement of Holocaust Remembrance on social media

Exploring the Vilnius Ghetto: Website Review

Imagine living in a world where your family is persecuted for practicing their religion. Being forced from your home into an unfamiliar setting, living among strangers, not knowing when you’re going to see someone again. This is a true story based on the events that led up to the Holocaust in Europe. Many Jews were relocated from their homes into ‘ghettos’, where survival depended on each other. There have been

Nintendo game controllers throughout the years of home commercial gaming

The gaming system that changed technology

Have you ever wondered what the first video game console was? Wanna guess? Sorry, the Atari, PlayStation and Nintendo Entertainment System came way after this invention. Welcome to the media biography of the ‘Magnavox Odyssey’… The image above looks like a scene from the 80’s. Even this console was created before that time! The Magnavox Odyssey was released to the public in August 1972. Creator Ralph Baer had thought of

A person's head silhouette filled with the complexity of themselves in real life and online

My Digital Identity

April 11, 2001. Although this day may mean nothing to most people, it’s the most important day of my life because it’s the day I was born. At the time of my birth, nobody knew how much power the Internet would have over our lives. Growing up, I’ve always been surrounded by some sort of digital product. I remember the single PC in my family’s home where my cousin would

Flashing lightbulb

iHeart Design

An analysis of iHeart Media’s design format Have you ever wondered what exactly makes a good design? Why are certain brands more long-lasting than others? Why do brands that were once at their peak die out over time and never get a revival? Dieter Rams’ ’10 Commandments for Good Design’ clarify how design can help or harm a brand’s longevity. Today, I will be examining how the design format of

Group of students at their graduation

The Truth About College

Why I chose SUNY Oswego College is NOT an easy process and choosing the right one can be so much harder because of all the options out there. So, today I decided to give all my high school students (#Sen20rs especially) insight into why I ended up going 5 hours away from my home to this school on Lake Ontario 🙂 Great school for broadcasting and communication majors Oswego is

To My Loving Grandparents

Thank you for funding my tuition to attend such a great institution! Here’s why I love it so much: Lake Ontario is beautiful even though it makes campus way colder than it actually should be. I haven’t gotten sick yet so don’t worry about sending over any cold medicine. The next thing that I love about my school is the diversity. It allows me to interact with different types of

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